If you are reading this message, you might be expecting some sort of self-description. So I am giving you one.

No, I can give you ten.

Actually, I was tagged to share twenty, but I am not going to give them all at once, just so you would wander a little more.

Here goes:

1. I like reading news better than watching them, and I would rather have my writings read than my face being broadcasted, that is why I do what I do.
2. Because writing bachelor thesis is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I wanted to make the most of it by writing a bilingual one and have my thesis defence done in English. So I did.
3. I enjoy performing arts, and had the chance to play Scrooge from Christmas Carol for the performing arts class I took as an exchange student.
4. Due to my imaginative nature, horror is not my cup of tea.
5. I cannot imagine my life without rice cooker. I mean, I can throw anything in and make soup or one-dish meal, reheat my favourite frozen dumplings, boil some water to steam my face before putting on facial mask, the list goes on.
6. Part of my dish-washing ritual includes soaking my dish-washing sponge in boiling water to get rid of bacteria.
7. I am better at staying up late than waking up early, but I can be a morning person when I really have to.
8. From all books I have read in 2014 (the year when this description was made), my favourite so far is Nora Ephron's Wallflower at the Orgy.
9. Procrastination is one of a few things I master. I know it is self-proclaimed, but it counts.
10. I currently live by these rules: do not be boring, there is always room for one more lipstick, and remember that everything has its own time.

(I shall post the next ten facts as soon as I come up with decent ones that I can share.)


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