Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A little note on loss

I just lost my phone.

My secondary mobile phone, to be exact, the one I used just recently for work-related purposes (I hate using past tense for this). This is the first time I ever lost my phone since I started using this particular gadget twelve years ago.

As expected, words of encouragement, as well as criticism, follow. I was told that the unfortunate event is yet another example of “When it happens, it happens”, just like how things generally would fall into places; hence there is no point of mourning the loss.

I did not. Well, maybe a little, because a loss is a loss nevertheless. Once you had something, now you do not. And there is this famous line, “You never know what you got ‘till it’s gone”, to put some extra regret into the situation. Although, maybe because I did not put so much important and irreplaceable information, I did not feel so much at loss for losing it. This also serves as a reminder for me to regularly backup the content of my phone, just in case.

My only consolation was to wish that my phone could be of better use for the person who took it, in any way possible. Still, it is a shame; I thought to myself, that I did not manage to be more careful.

“But why blaming yourself for something that is supposed to happen anyway?” was my dad’s next sentence, after reminding me not to play the victim card and secretly hope for anything bad to happen to the perpetrator.

“Because I should not have let that happened, and I have managed to done so all this time,” I replied repentantly.

Somehow, I can hear his comforting smile as he said, “Be grateful, though, and don’t forget to pray. Something way better is coming along the way.”

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