Friday, September 12, 2014

The Longing

"I will miss you."
"Of course you will. If anything, you have to, because I will miss you too and you know that. After all, you'll be deceased, not forgotten."
As he laughed, I watched his pain melted along with his joy in the form of tears and smiling eyes. I could not help but joining him. It was like our own way of celebrating life.

I remember the first time I had the feeling of longing for someone even more just after we met, the moment he waved goodbye before dissappeared from my sight. When I told him so, he said, "Me too. Shame that we only had so little time."

In the meantime, we have told each other, through our words or embraces, for too many times, "Please stay, a little longer." I knew he wanted to. I always knew I wanted to.

Today, he did not leave me they way he used to. This time, his hands were cold. And I was the only one who got the chance to say, "I will see you soon."

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