Saturday, December 01, 2012

December 1: Where It Began

First thing first: New Years have always been something I look forward to. Not only because the year changes (duh!), but also I will have my birthday five weeks afterwards. The birthday thing alone has been more than enough reason for me to be extra-reflective when welcoming New Years, because I tend to ponder on what I have done and what I will be when turning a year older. Right, now let’s proceed.

Chronologically speaking, I cannot recall the place where my 2012 commenced. I, however, remember that I only had one thing in my mind: my thesis. I was so close to being hopeless because of the lack of progress, and that meant being unable to graduate before I turn 24. To join the commencement ceremony on February, I had to have my thesis defence in January, and that means I had to finish my thesis in about two weeks after New Year. I knew it was impossible.

Therefore, my 2012 began at the road to graduation. And I was walking along the path with my heart broken.

Okay. I know that thesis is compulsory for every student who wishes to put an end to their college days, and the process is always tough for everyone concerned. However, in my case, I wanted to put an end to my study in a monumental way, by taking a road less travelled (read: writing a bilingual thesis. What was I thinking?). I already did my pre-research back in 2010 when I was an exchange student in Bangkok, and it was already a daring beginning because I had yet to have my thesis proposal defence. When I finally proposed my thesis theme in October 2011, I knew that the challenge I about to face was definitely enormous. But, of course, there is only one thing I could do: move forward. And that was what I did.

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