Wednesday, December 05, 2012

December 5th: Letting Go

For next year, I am letting go of some of my thoughts and expectations, particularly ones related to things I believe I should have accomplished because I deserve it. This might include things from worldly recognitions, companions, and everything else in between.

Ambitions can turn people to be really scary sometimes, and I have had my own moments to be such scary person. Being a very potent fuel, ambitions can drive one to their desired path, but it can also burn them. Personally, I believe that having ambitions does not supposed to stop one from understanding that some things are not meant to be theirs no matter how bad they want it, hence the determination of letting go.

There is already one thing waits to be let go, and I believe that there will be more on the way. In the meantime, I believe that letting go of some things means embracing some others. I hope that doing so might help me surviving the so-called quarter-life crisis as well. :D

Found this while randomly typed "letting go" on Google image search. Image taken from here.

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