Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30: Undone

2012 was, to say the least, monumental. 

I finally graduated, that was one. It felt good to be able to finish what I have started, and later on fully embrace future possibilities with a warm welcome.

Then I got to be a reporter, and eventually landed on my dream job. It is as if my dream comes true, and in a way, it does. However, being someone who wants way too many things for a lifetime, there are plenty of other stuffs in my bucket list remain undone.

Getting a scholarship abroad for an advance degree has been on the top of my list since, I don't know, ten years ago? Probably since I have decided to aim for a position at the United Nations, and found out that I need at least a masters degree to be considered worthy of applying. For that point alone, I am aware that it takes a lot of preparation: taking tests, making applications, asking for recommendations, and of course, getting the adequate number of years of experience.

I did not manage to read at least one book every week in 2012, so I am going to do that this year - with better year-long commitment. Same thing goes to blog posts. I realise that thesis research has hampered my love for reading in a way. I am sick of reading word after word in a page, and page after page in a book, it keeps me coming back to Sherlock reruns.

I did not save up as much as I have targeted, and instead splurged what I already have for an overseas trip to watch my favourite songstress performing live. I have no regrets and the concert was worth every cent, but it is about time for me to be more cautious in welcoming the rainy days.

I have yet to revised the English version of my thesis, let alone making a journal article out of it. This is a heartbreaking confession, knowing that I should have done it before assuming full-time responsibility. Now I don't know when can I work on it. *sobs*

I have yet to declutter my wardrobe. I think being a hoarder runs in the family, but then again, your closest circle is the best place to start a change.

Ah, of course. This project, #Reverb12. Since I discovered it quite late, I did not have enough time to finish this project by the end of the year. However, worry not, for I will still have one post for everyday in December 2012.

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