Monday, December 03, 2012

December 3: Beautiful Things

It is said that best things in the world are free, and to complement that saying, I would like to state that the most beautiful things in the world are, instead of seen, felt.

My graduation pictures are beautiful, and I looked gorgeous in them. However, the heart-warming feeling of having my mum’s arms around me when I presented her with a bouquet in the commencement ceremony was way more beautiful.

I have been buying pieces of clothes and accessories with my hard-earned pay check, and they are indeed beautiful. However, the joy for being able to get the said pretty things for my loved ones is an even more beautiful feeling.

The world has too many beautiful places to see and be experienced. It becomes more beautiful, though, when it’s accompanied with the sense of gratitude because my dearest friends were there with me.

I can dress up and look beautiful afterwards, but it is more beautiful to have the good feeling that I look good and I can take on the world.

Works of art are beautiful, but they can look or sound more beautiful when they touch your heart.

Life itself is beautiful, but I feel its beauty to be overwhelming once I cherish them, letting beauty to linger not only in the eyes of the beholder but also in their souls.

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