Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Dream: A Study Plan

I blame Harry Potter for making me dreaming of going to the United Kingdom, and Hogwarts for studying at the country. It started as a dream of a secondary school student, and now it is a dream I have been keeping for over a decade. The land has captivated me with its charm in the forms of its rich cultural heritage, its fast-paced society, its metropolitan atmosphere going side-by-side with lush countryside, its commendable media products (BBC One's Sherlock, anyone?), and, of course, its accent. Oh, how I wish that being overdosed on British television shows will get me such poised accent!

Ahem. Anyway.

I have been dreaming of studying in the United Kingdom; London, to be exact. Some of the reasons have been stated above. As a mere dream of a teenager, it might not seem to be sufficient. After all, one can dream about literally anything, but what matters most is how they are willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true.

So I pave my way to my study in the United Kingdom. I went through secondary school and university with specific field of study in mind. I developed my interests into something more tangible and curiosity-inducing, which ended up as a bachelor degree in journalism. When my keen interest in journalism in particular and media studies in general is combined with my fascination on the UK, it is fairly understandable that it became a start for me to look for such programmes in the universities in the UK.

I have done some researches, and found several universities with promising programmes and location (having a "city girl" bias, I opt for only London-based unis). Oh, scholarship opportunities also becomes one of the crucial points of consideration. So far, I have included SOAS (The School of Oriental and African Studies), University of Westminster, and Goldsmiths. Given my current workplace's focus on development, both MA in Media and Development and Global Media and Transnational Communications offered in those universities particularly spark my interest.

Now that I have found where and what to study, it is the time to start planning further steps prior to applying.

To be frank, it scares me in a way. I am afraid about scores required for the application, and whether mine will be adequate. I am worried about how will I fund the costs. Hell, even the number of years of experience I have right now scares me.

It is not that I have been in such state before. And I know that it feels like history is repeating itself. Well, in that case, I just know what to do: keep trying, keep doing - one thing at a time. Besides, busy worrying will not get me to the land of Merlin, no?

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