Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On Coming Back

I know, I know. It has been quite some time for me to abandon this blog, although I have (actually) pledged to post every week. My apologies.

I found it quite common for bloggers to provide justifications on their absence of posts when coming back from a momentary blogging hiatus, but honestly, sometimes it is way too elaborated and ended up being an almost unnecessary supply of too much information.

In my case, it is safe to conclude that other than being occupied by the new responsibilities at my new workplace, I am aware that I did not make the time to write. Yes, it is not that I do not have enough time to write, nor I have nothing to write about. Instead, I have numerous drafts in different stage of completion but they remain unfinished anyway.

Nevertheless, I think it is important to acknowledge the causes that make one ended up not doing something they supposed to, instead of trying to justify such act through excuses. In my opinion, only by doing so, one can embrace their limitations before start overcoming it. In the case of getting myself to update my blog in a regular basis, I call it “coming back”.

Sometimes I would feel like I am getting nowhere and it sucks, because, more or less, I have to move forward or it feels like dying. I dislike seeing people going their ways, striving and thriving, when I am idling aimlessly. At those times, I would not even bother calling myself “laid back”, although in my defence, I might say that I am just taking a step back to observe my surrounding to determine the next destination, which way to take, and how to get there. Thankfully, such period never lasts too long to the extent it becomes agonising. Before I know it, I will be coming back on track, to continue playing the game of life.

For quite some time, I have been wondering what I have accomplished so far, and whether they comply with whatever the society believes to be the right pathway for “a girl like me”. However, I believe that life is not a race. I am not in favour of doing things just to catch up with my peers, and I will not say yes just because I am tired of saying no.

That being said, I am back on blogging because I am aware that I need to. As I have already talked about my reasons to write, not writing makes me feel like bottling up feelings and letting thoughts go down the drain.

Indeed, since I already have a binding commitment with myself, it means that I also have to do so. It is like owing yourself the pleasure to articulate what you have in mind and to document memories you want to cherish.

As December makes many people suddenly turn reflective towards the ebb-and-flow of their lives (hence the many New Year’s Resolutions and all), I have another pledge to make for this blog: incorporate pictures (yes, plural) into every post. I have a decent camera-phone now, so there should not be excuses regarding having substandard gadget anymore.

In conclusion, I am back – with more posts to come! Thanks to a project called "Reverb 12: The Prompts", I am going to have post for each and every day in December 2012. Yayss! :)

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